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My favorite memory is Disney as everyone would think. They think I am obsessed and take it a little too far. So here I am going to explain to you what it means to me.
Disney means everything to me; it’s my childhood. It’s the place where dreams and wishes come true for all ages and a place where a family comes together in unity. A place to get away from the reality of the world, and it gives you the ability to throw away your stress so that it is only a small memory.
When I think back to my childhood memories Disney is a major part of them. One memory is when my cousin Courtney and I were being told not to run at the Caribbean Beach Resort and as a little child at Disney you are to excited to pay attention and then I ended up falling and breaking my wrist. Now not many people can say they’ve been to Celebration hospital. Another memory is getting to see Barbie’s World as a little girl and still to this day remembering the smell of the pens they used to sign our autograph books. The last memory I am going to mention is standing in EPCOT waiting for the parade to start while sitting on the shoulders of my father and just the excitement in the air and as I now listen to the music from that parade I am able to place myself back in that time and even being in another state I am able to feel that excitement once more. Having your dreams and wishes come true in the Magic Kingdom…Discovering the Figment of your imagination in EPCOT…Getting to pretend your starring in your own film in Disney’s Hollywood Studios…and acting like your on a safari in the Animal Kingdom…
Walt is my role model for not only being able to create a park and many characters but even through the tough times armed with only his belief and a mouse, he helped create imagination in the hearts and minds of millions and a state of believing. As he always said “If you can dream it you can do it.” There you enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy. It’s a place of enchantment that allows all ages to dream, imagine, and discover. A place where the world can unite in peace and harmony. A world for future generations to learn, love, and grow. It transports me into a place of fantasy where this whole world becomes my past, my family, and my future. This world he created is more than just a park it is my home.
To watch a child take its first step on Main Street and to see the smile as the ice cream drips from the chin as he takes his first glimpse of the castle to me is not a job it’s an obligation. Just as Walt has changed my life I don’t want a job I want an opportunity to be apart of a child imagination. Disney expands a mind and teaches a person to use their imagination no matter what age and allows them to discover, dream, and create new things. At that point it doesn’t matter who you are the imagination is there for all of us all you have to do is look behind you and on the faces you will see as I see now….. Wishes and dreams coming true that is what I want to be apart of. I want to be able to make an impact on the generation of tomorrow and today.

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